John Perceval – Limited Editions

Studio Craft is very proud to offer 2 beautiful Limited Editions by John Perceval

"Sunflowers" and "Ships at Williamstown"

Various number of limited edition prints available

Each limited edition print is available in the following size:

Unframed - Sunflowers
image size =54 x 43 cm
paper size = 92 x 65 cm
Unframed - Ships at Williamstwon
image size = 52 x 67 cm
paper size  = 75 x 67 cm

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John Perceval Artwork Available

John Perceval Biography

John Perceval was born Linwood Robert Steven South in Western Australia, His parents separated in 1925 and he remained at his father's farm until reunited with his mother and travelling to Melbourne in 1935. Following the marriage of his mother to William de Burgh Perceval, he changed his name to John and adopted the surname de Burgh Perceval.

Perceval is considered one of the most remarkable and creative of all Australian artists and produced many masterpieces. He had a daring use of brilliant colour and this combined with the strong rhythmic movement of his brushwork, lead to a powerful, lively and highly personal imagery in his works.

In 1938 Perceval contracted polio and was hospitalised, giving him the opportunity to further his skills at drawing and painting. Enlisting in the army in 1941 Perceval first met and befriended Arthur Boyd. After leaving the army and moving into the Boyd family home, he married Boyd's younger sister Mary in 1944.

Perceval held his first solo exhibition at the Melbourne Book Club in 1948 and showed regularly with the Contemporary Art Society.
Moving to England in 1963 Perceval held solo exhibitions in London, and travelled to Europe, before returning to Australia in 1965 to take up the first Australian National University Creative Fellowship.

Suffering from alcoholism, and later in life from schizophrenia, in 1974 Perceval was committed to the psychiatric hospital Larundel, Melbourne, where he remained until 1981 and was remembered as the last of the “Angry Penguins.”

Perceval was survived by his four children; Matthew, Tessa, Celia and Alice, all of whom are practising artists today.