Studio Craft – We love picture framing and we are here to help !

On average Studio Craft will spend 20 to 30 minutes working out the perfect design and framing solution for your artwork, photographs, paintings, sculptures, etc.

Put simply – we pride ourselves in our work and we will provide you with the best framing service in Melbourne.

If you are short of time Studio Craft can correspond via email with photos sent to you with design ideas.

Studio Craft  also prides ourselves on full conservation framing. If its old or precious leave it to Studio Craft to make sure the item is framed using state of the art conservation techniques.

Corporate businesses will love Studio Craft for its fast and affordable framing for that urgent certificate and you’ll love our prices for bulk orders.

SUPER SIZED artwork is no problem with Studio Craft – as one of the largest picture framing factories in Melbourne we are happy to frame anything no matter how large or small.

Studio Craft has the facilities to frame anything. Studio Craft is one the largest picture framers in Melbourne with thousands of different frames in stock in our large factory on site in our Hawthorn store.