Conservation Framing

Studio Craft prides itself as a leader in conservation picture framing.

Ask yourself – “is the item I want framed important? Do I need conservation framing?”

Be informed about your choices and options with framing.

If the item is of value, make sure it is framed using conservation materials and techniques.

Ask your framer what materials will be used in the framing process and what techniques they will use.

Some important points:

Matboard : Make sure it is an archival matboard. For optimal conservation use pure Rag mats – made of pure cotton.

Backing : Make sure the backing is archival too – use only a quality acid free backing whether matboard or foamcore. And stay away from mdf !

Glazing : Use a high grade glazing material that will block out harmful UV rays from the sun. Options include high grade perspex or museum grade glazing.

Technique : Perhaps the most important component of conservation framing. Ask your framer what techniques they will use to frame your artwork. Will they glue it down? What kind of adhesives will be used and are they archival and acid free ? Are all the materials being used archival ? How will I know my framer is using archival materials & techniques ?

The more questions you ask, the better understanding you will have that your framer understands the importance of conservation framing.