Young Artist – vertical – David Bromley


Young Artist – vertical – by David Bromley. This limited edition print is part of David Bromley’s Children’s series. The artwork portrays a young boy in a striped red shirt intently drawing on a wall. The wall is full of portraits in a range of colours – from bright yellows to cool blues. This limited edition print is exclusive to Studio Craft.



Young Artist – vertical is one of a twelve limited edition prints that David Bromley has made available exclusively to Studio Craft.

There are a total of 30 prints of this limited edition. Each artwork is signed and numbered by David Bromley

Studio Craft is selling them as either Print Only, or Framed in Perspex. If you would like an alternative framing option, please contact Studio Craft directly to discuss your framing requirements.

Prints are 550mm x 750mm

Perspex Frames are 700mm x 890mm x 33mm